Under/Over Goal Betting

The under/over concept is relatively new to sports betting, but it is quite a simple one. Essentially you’re betting on whether there will be more or less than 2.5 goals in a particular game. The use of ’2.5 goals’ can be a little misleading, as we all know that you can’t score half a goal. This is used purely to eliminate the chance of a draw.

Effectively you’re betting on whether the game will have 1 or 2 goals (under 2.5) or 3 or more goals (over 2.5). This method of betting is becoming increasingly popular as it is easy to find recent statisitics for your chosen team.

By combining the under/over concept and ‘in play’ exchange betting it is possible to win a few pounds on a Saturday afternoon, with some smart gamblers quoting returns of 10%.

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